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Black Ops 2 Skidrow Super Hack

Black Ops 2 Skidrow Super Hack v4.2


Black Ops Aimbot hack image


About Black Ops 2 Aim Bot:

Finally Black Ops 2 Skidrow Super Hack has been released and using that you can easily unlock weapons, ammunition and a lot of other stuff that you can think about. There are more than 45 features available in the hack tool yet and this hack tool is free to download. Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack offers aim bot, wall hack , prestige level unlock and a lot of other things as well.

This is how Black Ops 2 Skidrow Super Hack looks in game:

1.This is how it looks when you are using only aimbot,it marks all enemies and shoot one by one but realy quick using human reflex system so you cant get detected.
aimbot without wallhack

2.This is how it looks when you use wallhack and aimbot together.It also uses human reflex system so you cant get detected. The Hack marks enemies that are behind the wall with red color but will not shoot until they show up.So everything looks naturaly.
wall hack and aimbot

Virustotal scan:

This Hack is 100% safe and we guarantee that its virus free and safe for your computers software. You can check Virustotal scan report below:


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Skidrow Super Hack is Compatable with PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 with daily updates. Wii – Coming soon.

Warning for absolute noobs:

Harassing too many pros with this Call Of duty Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack and continuous owning and raping them can lead to extreme jealousy and hate mailing.Also you can be invited into the top clans where only profesional players are playing.

Extra info – You should read this:

You must be host of the game you are in for the Hack to be able to function. To see if you are the host or not, press TAB when in game, and who ever has to lowest ping is host. If you do, than good! NOTE: If you use this hack in a Public Match, your steam account could get VAC Banned. But if you use this in a Custom Match alone or with some friends, you’re safe.


Click “Download” button to download “Black Ops 2 – Skidrow Super Hack” now
External site: http://blackops2.skidrowteam.org/

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